Happiness :)



We hope you enjoy this incredible compilaton put together by BlackholeX  on Imgur 

 Watching the people you have inspired be inspired.

From BlackHoleX original post HERE– You know, I said I would never do it again, but I did; On the same post. Not because it is on the front page, but the overwhelming amount of messages I am receiving in private tells. The comments you can see only a smart part on how much this has changed everyone’s day. When 20+ people say they have never messaged someone privately before on imgur it really strikes a chord. Some of these messages I have received is what is moving me the most. I had no idea some people had entered such dark placed in their lives due to whatever may be plaguing them or people close to them. It is the most satisfying and “happy” thing for me to know I have done my part in some way to help these people in such dark times. My words may never describe how I am feeling in response to this…response, but I think that I can safely say that I am with everyone on having a very “wet face” on this day. Hopefully more people will follow suit and think outside the box on their imgur creations. Happy little posts can have just as much impact as funny ones.

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