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Scary movies on Friday the 13th are a tradition for many. I’d like to create a new tradition. Think of it as Friday the 13th’s majorly ridiculous, much more fun cousin that the family doesn’t talk about. Now I know after reading that description you’re having trouble restraining yourself from getting the night started right away. There are so many cheesy/funny/awful-in-a-good-way films, how do you know where to start? Well, just for you I’ve conveniently listed, in no particular order, some of my favorite B-rated/comedy-horror movies to get you started on your inaugural Saturday the 14th movie night. Hopefully you’ll find some new favorites. Using our app? Click here to view in browser 

Black Sheep: Genetically engineered sheep terrorize New Zealand. It has murderous animals, humor, and gore. Also, a man’s penis may or may not be bitten off by a sheep. That alone might make it the most terrifying film in my list.

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Grabbers: Bloodsucking sea monsters invade a small Irish village. The monsters, resembling headcrabs, can’t ingest alcohol so the townspeople must get extremely drunk to fight them off. All’s well until the kegs are emptied.

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Slither: An alien plague begins to spread in the form of slugs after a meteorite lands in a small town. Maybe it’s my fondness for Captain Reynolds but I think this is a fun one. On second thought, maybe it’s the slug impregnated exploding woman?

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

My Name Is Bruce: I couldn’t, in good conscience, compile any list of B-rated horror films without featuring at least one starring the king of B movies, Mr. Bruce Campbell. The actor is mistaken for his character from The Evil Dead and kidnapped to help defeat the fierce Chinese god of the dead, Guan-Di. The actor believes it’s a movie, until he doesn’t. Humor, Brisco references, and bean curd traps ensue.

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Lake Placid: A man-eating, 30′ crocodile eats people at a lake in Maine. This one is higher budget than the others but the villain is an Asian crocodile in Maine so it fits. It’s enjoyable and features the talented Betty White.

Photo courtesy of johnlink movies.

Others to add to your list for future Saturday the 14th movie nights:
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Piranha 3D
Eight Legged Freaks
Bubba Ho-Tep
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
Shaun of the Dead
Leprechaun 3

Do you have any favorites to share? I’d love to hear them!




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