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This is what Early Onset Dementia looks like (11 Pics)



A user on Reddit was kind enough to share this story with the world. This is his tragic, touching, and chilling post. (source) 

This was taken in 2005 or so. At this point, Jacquie had Pick’s Disease, but it had been misdiagnosed as menopause. She would be about 48 here.
On the beach, around 2010. Lots of Jacquie around. She can’t remember too much hough.
2010 again. Riding on the back of dad’s motorbike was one of her favourite things to do. She got quite terrified when the helmets were on, but once moving had a blast. This had to stop in 2011, when an on-bike paranoia attack nearly caused an accident.
Beach-time walks. Weight is falling off. Conversation is non-existent.
The birth of her first grandchild. She had been looking forward to being a grandmother for years.
Still knows how to party. #yolo.
Cuddles with her 14 month old grandson. He’s very careful with her, knows she’s special.
She doesn’t walk very much anymore. And she has lost a large amount of weight.
Fun times at the beach. She’s 58 here. Her eyes aren’t always open, and if they are, she’s staring into the void.
Sometime’s we’ll move to her to beanbags on the floor.
She still smiles and laughs sometimes. I have no idea why. I really hope she dies soon.

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